A National Voice: An organisation of young people who are or have been in care.
Article 39 UNCRC: Fighting for children’s rights in institutional settings.
British Association of Social Workers: Provides legal advice and representation to members.
A blog with much well-sourced, detailed research of the history of organised child sexual exploitation.
A blog about the art of pervasion. Paedophiles, politics and power. Explores the complex history of organised child sexual abuse.
Care Leaver’s Association: A non-profit organisation for careleavers by careleavers.
Blog which publishes officially released public reports about child sexual abuse and pursues Freedom of Information requests mainly from the website.
The Children are Unbeatable Alliance: Campaign to modernise the law on assault to afford children the same protection as adults.
Children’s Rights Alliance for England: Campaign to protect the human rights of children.
Facebook page of East Midlands Survivors.
Fighting Back: website of survivors of abuse in north wales children’s homes.
ECPAT: End child prostitution, child pornography and the trafficking of children for sexual purposes. A children’s rights organisation and campaign against child trafficking and sex tourism.
Every Disabled Child Matters: A campaign to ensure the inclusion of disabled children within government policy.
Forced Marriages Unit: Advice and information about forced marriages.
Facebook page for survivors of Forde Park approved school.
FORWARD: Campaign against female genital cutting.
Former Senator Stuart Syvret: website concerning the abuse of children in Jersey.
Campaign promoting the right of all men and women to say no to unnecessary genital surgery.
The Historic and Institutional Abuse Inquiry Northern Ireland.
The Howard League: Campaigns for and represents the interests of young people in custody.
Website of musician, academic and campaigner against child abuse; Ian Pace.
The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) in England and Wales.
Islington Survivors Network: Survivors, whistleblowers and supporters seeking justice and healing for survivors of child abuse in the London Borough of Islington.
Website for the Jersey Care Inquiry.
The London Safeguarding Children Board: Information relating to the protection of children in London including the London Child Protection Procedures.
Pressure group seeking the introduction of a law requiring all people working in ‘Regulated Activities’ to report concerns about the welfare of a child to the Local Authority.
Missing people: Specialist advice and family support for missing children, vulnerable adults and families.
NAPAC: National Association for People Abused in Childhood helpline.
National Deaf Children’s Society.
Teresa Cooper’s campaign for the victims of abuse at Kendall house which involved forced drugging regime and overdosing of the girls in care.
Campaign against forced non therapeutic male circumcision.
Parents against child sexual exploitation; supports families of sexually exploited children.
Public Concern at Work. Free and confidential support for whistleblowers.
Phil Frampton; author of Golly in the Cupboard a history of his childhood in care. Author, journalist, campaigner and broadcaster.
Support and advice for people abused by professionals.
Arts and storytelling to raise awareness of sexualised violence directed against boys. Includes section on UK WhiteFlowers campaign.
Local paper for Whitby in Yorkshire. Coverage of the Savile case.
Respond. Challenges vulnerability and sexual abuse in the lives of people with learning disabilities.
Speaking out about abuse of children in Jersey.
Advocacy and support for survivors of abuse by professionals. Highlights child sexual abuse relating to abuse within Catholic schools.
Male survivors of child sexual abuse inspiring change through shared experience…
Campaign of the survivors of child abuse in the London Borough of Lambeth.
Support for keeping siblings connected when in care.
SWAN: Social Work Action Network. A network of social work practitioners, academics, social work students and social welfare service users. A radical approach to social work.
Extensive archive of press cuttings about organised and institutional child abuse.
Stop it Now: Child abuse prevention group. Helpline for adults concerned about their own behaviour towards children.
Nancy Davis is a psychologist who works with survivors of all ages who have experienced trauma. She has written many healing stories in her book Once Upon a Time.
The Survivor’s Trust: Supports specialist services for the survivors of rape and sexual abuse.
Speaking out about abuse of children in Jersey.
A network of survivors and whistleblowers calling for action and justice for survivors of organised and institutional abuse.