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2017: Contributor to Channel 5 documentary on Shannon Matthews

The Mother’s Story


Published on 11th July 2016
Sky News: Dr Liz Davies interviewed about the criminalisation of children who are abusive on the internet.

Published on 25th June 2015
Liz interviewed by PressTV about the increase in prosecutions of crimes against children.
Convictions for violence against women and girls in UK hit record high

Published on 23rd June 2015
The Whiteflowers Movement – Liz speaks about the inquiry to journalist Martin Huston outside Parliament.

Published on 31st October 2014
ITV News broadcast: The Westminster inquiry into alleged abuse of children in the Eighties should not be restricted to sexual abuse, a child protection expert has said.

Islington white flowers and balloons vigil
BBC London news 4.10.2014

Islington white flowers and balloons vigil ( no longer available)

Elm Guest House Vigil, 15th Sept 2014
Strong speeches from Liz Davies, Peter McKelvie, Pete Saunders and Felicity Dowling at Elm Guest House white flowers vigil. (no longer available)

Westminster child abuse enquiry, 8th July 2014
ITV and Sky News interviews

Published on 10 Jul 2014
For publication ‘The Spectator’: Matthew Parris and Dr Liz Davies discuss the current ‘panic’ about paedophilia.

The full transcript of the interview is available via this link:

Published Nov 2012
Sky News Interview in November 2012 with Dr Liz Davies about the proposed government (Department for Education) revision to ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children’ child protection guidance.


ITN news 2007. Trevor MacDonald programme about child obesity.

Liz Davies comments about the child protection issues

“Contact Point”, “eCAF”, & “Lost In The System”.

Children’s Database – Part 2 of 3
Children’s Database – Part 2 of 3

Originally broadcast in 2003
Liz Davies interviewed about Margaret Hodge on The World Tonight programme.

Newsnight 2003. Panton V Hodge

In 2003, Demetrious Panton, who had been a child in care in Islington, was described as ‘disturbed’ by Margaret Hodge who was then Minister for Children. She had been a councillor in Islington when the child abuse scandal was taking place. Her role in these events has been strongly criticised (see the list of print media articles on this website).

Demetrious gained a public apology, payment of his legal costs and a large donation to a charity of his choice. He later stood as a parliamentary candidate in Barking and Dagenham – Hodge’s constituency.

When Margaret Hodge made her election speech she had to stop because so many care leavers and survivors were chanting that she should not be Minister for Children. A few days later she was moved to another government department.

Peter Connolly
Sky News – Nov 2008

Channel 4 News Nov 2008 (1)

Channel 4 News Nov 2008 (2)

Becky’s Story

BECKY’S STORY – A Real Story Special presented by Fiona Bruce BBC1, 10.35pm, Tuesday, August 29 2006

Liz Davies and Nora Duckett researched this account of a 14 year old girl who was sexually abused at home and also by a network of child sex abusers and she gained no protection. They both contributed to the programme by commenting throughout.

Information about the documentary is available from the BBC flyer and a guardian article: ‘There are too many Becky’s – Liz Davies finds the case of a 14-year-old sexual abuse victim, to be revealed in a BBC documentary tonight, is far from unique‘.

There was also an article in the Mail on Sunday. Click to read: Knowsley J (2006) Becky’s story. Mail on Sunday 27th August 2006.

BBC Flyer for Becky’s Story